Become Wide is an international PR agency known for its robust connections within an international network, which it leverages to build local customer relationships at a global scale. Become Wide was selected to participate in the 2014 Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland.

Web Summit is an annual technology conference that has been held since 2009. Its focus is on internet technology, attracting a diverse range of attendees from Fortune 500 companies to smaller tech firms. The conference is a melting pot of CEOs and founders of tech startups, along with a variety of professionals from the global technology industry and related sectors.



Recognizing that every attendee at the summit seeks ways to network and connect, Become Wide decided to engage Ain TheMachine to create a video-song involving the participants. This initiative was designed as a means to foster connections and engagement. The video was developed based on the campaign brief “Now You Can Be Anywhere,” emphasizing how startups can reach their global markets regardless of their origin. In line with this concept, Ain TheMachine recorded the Video-Song with the assistance of many international attendees.



No traditional musical instruments were used in this song. Instead, all sounds were sourced from the festival environment, various objects, and the participants of the Web Summit.


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