Emerge Americas is the largest B2B tech event of the Americas. With innovation at the heart of what they do, they felt that the Musica Biotronica concept would be a unique way to do the aftermovie for the event. From skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, to one of the most well known figures in Miami Manuel “Manny” Medina, the video song brings people together. From Mike Butcher, Bibop Gresta, the team of eMerge Americas, the attendees to sponsors, the video shares people’s different perspectives of the event.



The goal of this video-song is to retransmit the two key messages of Emerge Americas’ tagline “Enjoy Your Journey” and “technology”. With a diverse range of people coming to the event from many places, ATM wanted to show what journey meant to them. And secondly, technology. ATM asked people about their first experiences with technology, on a human side perspective.



As Miami is the American capital of latin music, ATM composed a song that tapped into those latin roots, with a kind of reggaeton rhythm and Brazilian feeling melody.


eMerge Americas

Custom Made