Emerge Americas, the largest B2B tech event in the Americas is known for its focus on innovation. They believed that Ain TheMachine’s concept would offer a unique approach to their events aftermovie. The video-song features a range of personalities, from skateboarding legend Tony Hawk to prominent Miami figure Manuel “Manny” Medina. It brings together various individuals, including Mike Butcher, Bibop Gresta, the eMerge Americas team, attendees, and sponsors, showcasing their diverse perspectives on the event.



The video-song aims to convey the two key messages of Emerge Americas’ tagline: “Enjoy Your Journey” and “Technology”. With a wide range of people attending from different locations, ATM sought to explore what ‘journey’ meant to them. Additionally, the concept delved into personal experiences with technology, capturing human-centric stories and reflections.



Reflecting Miami’s status as the American capital of Latin music, ATM composed a song that resonates with those Latin roots. The music features a reggaeton rhythm paired with a melody that carries a Brazilian essence.


eMerge Americas


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