Movember is a foundation dedicated to men’s health, which organizes worldwide events in November to raise funds for men’s cancer treatments. Toms shoes, a unique shoe brand known for its One for One claim — where for every pair of shoes sold, another is given to a person in need — collaborated with Movember for their 2014 campaign. This collaboration featured Toms shoes creating a special series of Movember-themed shoes. Ain TheMachine was brought on board for the presentation of this shoe series and the launch of the Movember campaign, which invites men to shave at the start and then grow their moustaches throughout November, hence the name Movember.




This assignment was particularly intriguing because Ain TheMachine had to create music and develop a show around a concept rather than a physical object. Initially a challenge, this led Ain TheMachine to develop a technique called AudioVisual Drums, where images and sounds are combined to create music. This innovation enabled the development of a full performance based on a conceptual theme.




Since this event marked the launch of both the shoe series and the Movember shaving campaign, Ain TheMachine decided to record audiovisual clips of the shoes and sample videos related to shaving. With Jameson also sponsoring the event, ATM sampled TV ads from Jameson, altered the sounds, and integrated them into the music for the show.


Movember, Toms Shoes, Jameson Whiskey

Live Experiences

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