Belonging to the Inditex Group, Pull&Bear has a presence in over 70 countries with a network of more than 900 stores. The year is 2009, a time when blogs were flourishing. Aiming to drive more traffic to their website, Pull&Bear sought art-related projects with potential for worldwide impact and execution.



In line with this objective, Ain TheMachine developed the project “Just Make Music.” The concept involved composing a song with contributions from people around the world. The only participation rule was, “No musical instruments allowed; everything else is permissible.”



ATM composed the base track and subsequently released a video inviting audience participation. Following this, Pull&Bear dispatched ATM to China for the opening of a new shop, to capture sounds and images for the track, while feeding a blog with news from the adventure. The final song showcases contributions from individuals across various regions, from China to Mexico.


Samsung, Pull & Bear

Custom Made Video

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