Roche, a Swiss multinational healthcare company, operates globally under two divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. The content described here was developed for the annual conference of Roche’s IT department.



The event aimed to strengthen the bonds among employees of the IT department at Roche, fostering inspiration for new ideas and approaches to their work. Roche engaged Ain TheMachine (ATM) to facilitate this goal. ATM designed a live show that surprised employees by using elements from their everyday office environment to create music, thereby illustrating alternative approaches to their work. Following this introduction, attendees were invited to find a bag under their seats, each containing an object. With 15 different kinds of objects distributed, the goal was to form an “everyday objects orchestra.” After teaching the 250 attendees how to make music with their objects, everyone played together. Some were even invited on stage to sing and rap. The entire process was audio-recorded, and ATM mixed it into a song that the employees could listen to before the event concluded.



This custom-made song was composed specifically for the occasion, incorporating sounds and objects from Roche’s office environment. The chorus, featuring a group singing spontaneously, was recorded as ATM encountered them during their coffee break in the coffee room, seizing the opportunity to include them in the video.



Custom Made Video

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