The German Council of Shopping Centers e.V. (GCSC) is the only association in Germany representing the interests of retail property owners. More than 750 member companies from the areas of development and analysis, financing, centre management, architecture, retail properties, retailers and marketing specialists create an active group that’s an ideal network for retail property owners and industry players. With around 1 million employees and directly affected service providers, the GCSC member companies represent a nationally important business branch.


GCSC organizes for the first time the Reboot Conference.
REBOOT is about fresh ideas and the reinvention of the entire retail industry.
With the motto “DIFFERENT. NEW. FUTURE-ORIENTED.” the GCSC found Ain TheMachine the perfect fit to create the promotional video for the event.



The song was created using the sounds from Hamburg inspired by two main concepts:

Future-Oriented and Christmas.

To represent the Future-Oriented ATM created a Distorted bassline made with the sound from the metal sculpture.

And for the Christmas/warm feelings, ATM used the same sculpture sound to create a warm chord progression followed by a happy melody played with the sound of the cash machine and doubled with the sound from the bottles.

Custom Made