Mogees pioneers advanced sensor technology with patented AI, enabling the transformation of any object, regardless of material, into an Intelligent Surface. This innovation seamlessly merges the physical and data worlds without relying on keyboards, buttons, or touchscreens. The revolutionary Mogees app and vibration sensor allow you to turn any object into a unique musical instrument, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. Simply attach the Mogees sensor to any object around you and start playing the world.


Embracing Mogees’s concept of “play the world,” Ain TheMachine proposed a series of videos where he uses Mogees to turn an entire city into a musical instrument. The first city chosen for this project is Berlin, specifically the famous alternative neighborhood, Kreuzberg.


The piece is the result of a live improvisation using sounds from various sites in the region. After capturing these sounds, Ain TheMachine combined them in the studio to compose the song.



Custom Made Video

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