Mahou San Miguel, a longstanding Spanish family-owned company with over 125 years of history, holds a significant share of Spain’s beer production, boasting 45 national beer brands and 76 product varieties.


For their Mahou Urban Food Festival #MUFFestival in Madrid, a blend of music, food, and urban vibes, Mahou sought to create engaging social media videos highlighting the synergy between Mahou beer, food, and music. They enlisted Ain TheMachine to bring this concept to life through original musical videos featuring Spanish influencers, as well as a live performance during the three-day event. ATM collaborated with influencer Sergio Carvajal, composing a song entirely from cooking sounds and the sound of Mahou beer bottles.



The music, designed to resonate with a youthful audience, took the form of an EDM song. The primary melody was crafted using the sounds from the cooking session and the Mahou beer bottles.


Mahou San Miguel

Custom Made Video, Gastronomy Beat, Live Experiences

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