Mahou San Miguel is a 100% Spanish family-owned company, with a history that goes back more than 125 years. They make 34% of the beer that is produced in Spain, and have 45 national brands of beer, as well as 76 product varieties.


Mahou created a festival in Madrid around music and food in an modern urban environment – Mahou Urban food Festival #MUFFestival. They wanted to create videos to promote the event on social media, showing how Mahou beer matches with food and music.
This is why Mahou hired Ain TheMachine to translate their concept into original and musical videos with Spanish influencers as well as to play live during the 3 days event .
ATM composed and cooked live with the influencer @sergiocarvajal7, creating a song made only out of cooking sounds and Mahou beer bottle sound.



As the target of the event is young people, ATM composed an EDM song Biotronica style, where the main melody is made with the sound of the cooking session and Mahou beer bottle.


Mahou San Miguel

Custom Made