Madrid Fusion is a vanguard gastronomy festival renowned for its role in technology innovation and scientific research applied to gastronomy. Esteemed chefs like Ferran Adrià, Alex Atala, and David Chang attend to present their latest ideas and techniques. Being invited to close out the festival was not only a great honor but also a significant challenge. Imagine performing a uniquely creative show in front of all these culinary specialists! The enthusiastic expressions on the audience’s faces, however, clearly showed they had a wonderful time.



The concept of Ain TheMachine in The Kitchen revolves around offering a live-cooked tasting menu set to music. This three-course menu consists of Gazpacho de Calabacín (zucchini gazpacho), Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread), and Mousse of Passion Fruit, all cooked live as part of the musical performance. This selection was partly inspired by the festival director Lourdes Plana’s fondness for Pão de Queijo.



With the music, Ain TheMachine aimed to harmonize with the progression of the courses. This entailed starting with a softer piece for the first course to gently stimulate the taste buds, intensifying through the second course, and culminating in a grand finale with the dessert. The final melody was sweet and engaging, leaving the entire crowd humming along.


Madrid Fusión

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