This video was recorded during the preparation of our first show in Zinc Shower in Madrid.

It was recorded by New Folder at Juliana Aguiar’s (the chef) restaurant, called Santo Resto.




The whole concept of AudioGastronomic Live Performance borns from the desire of really integrate 2 or more disciplines, to generate an ambience of collaboration where all the professionals involved learn about the others “language” or discipline.

Living in Spain where gastronomy is a discipline very present in the daily life and developed in a world wide high level, start collaborating with a chef was a natural process. I have the lucky of having a friend that is a very good chef, Juliana Aguiar, for whom I made this crazy proposition: Cook a Live Music Menu.

The process is simple, she decides on a menu with 3 courses then prepare it to me, I take not of all the steps and learn about her process . After that, I go to the studio, compose the songs and very important, give a music sense to her actions.

The next step is the key for the success of the project, we get together, I show her the musical development and she learns to make music while she cooks! This moment is the most interesting, because is when we really have to integrate both disciplines. For example, learning how to slice vegetables on the beat or boil the water for two bars longer. It’s an exciting process.



Musically speaking, the main idea of this project is a perfect marriage between cooking, making music and entertaining the public, so I basic composed songs from middle tempo til hi beat to create this feeling of Gran Finale.

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