This is the second episode from the serie AudioGastronomic Live Performances.

The whole concept of AudioGastronomic Live Performance was born from the desire of really integrate 2 or more disciplines, to generate an ambience of collaboration where all the professionals involved learn about the others “language” or discipline.

After a kitchen chef (first episode: “In the kitchen“), Ain ThMachine invited Tupac Kirby (mixologist and musician) to continue investigating into this exchange process.



For this show, Tupac proposed a Caipirinha (typical brazilian drink made of cachaça and lima) for which he has to cut, mix and pour all ingredients in rythm while ATM is recording everything live and making music with the cockail’s sounds.



To counteract the brazilian drink we decide to make a 20’s swing feeling music, with a walking bass very melodic.

The final result is what we call the “Swing Caipirinha”.

Custom Made