This episode marks the second installment in the AudioGastronomic Live Performances series. The overarching concept of these performances stemmed from the desire to truly integrate two or more disciplines, creating an atmosphere of collaboration where professionals from different fields learn about each other’s “language” or discipline. Following a collaboration with a kitchen chef in the first episode (“In the kitchen“), Ain TheMachine invited Tupac Kirby, a mixologist and musician, to further explore this interdisciplinary exchange.



For this particular show, Tupac Kirby proposed preparing a Caipirinha, a traditional Brazilian drink made with cachaƧa and lime. His method involved rhythmically cutting, mixing, and pouring the ingredients, while Ain TheMachine recorded everything live, creating music with the sounds generated during the cocktail’s preparation.



To provide a contrast to the Brazilian drink, we decided to create a 1920s swing-style music piece, featuring a melodic walking bass. The result was aptly named the “Swing Caipirinha.”

Gastronomy Beat, Live Experiences

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