Zebra Technologies Corporation, an American public company, is a leading manufacturer and provider of marking, tracking, and computer printing technologies. Their products are widely used in various sectors, including manufacturing supply chains, retail, healthcare, and government. In 2018, the company had sales of $4.218 billion and had a market capitalization of $12.55 billion.



During the lockdown period, Zebra faced the challenge of creating a video with a positive message from its workers to its LATAM partners, with the additional hurdle of having 80 workers located in different cities, all under lockdown restrictions. They approached Ain TheMachine with this challenge, and he came up with a creative solution. Since video calls were the primary means of communication at that time, Ain TheMachine proposed creating a video that simulated a video call but with a unique twist: the participants would not only deliver the main message through conversation but also create music together.

To make this concept work, every one of the 80 workers had to record themselves at their homes using the equipment they had available, typically just the camera on their laptops and household lighting. Ain TheMachine had to create a manual that explained the basics of video recording, including how to use laptop cameras, position themselves properly, and utilize home lighting for the setup. Additionally, the manual provided instructions for the music and theatrical actions for each participant.



The resulting beat is inspired by Techno music and was composed using the sounds recorded by the participants.

Custom Made Video

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