Hardware.co launched its first accelerator program in 2013 and has since established itself as a hub for hardware expertise in Berlin. With a robust accelerator program and a global community of enthusiasts, the HARDWARE.co community is dedicated to shaping the future of hardware. The Hardware.co accelerator program is backed by Betahaus and MindBox and enjoys partnerships with Deutsche Bahn, BVG, Beyond, and Siemens.



This video was created to provide an overview of the 10-day program, where startups receive mentorship from various fields to refine their products and ideas. It also facilitates networking with investors to explore potential collaborations. The program is known for its creative and fun atmosphere. To capture this spirit, ATM asked startups and investors not only for their insights about the program but also for any spontaneous sounds they could imagine, allowing him to craft a unique and creative sound composition.



Given the focus on hardware, incorporating sounds from hardware tools was a natural choice. These sounds lent an electronic vibe to the music, culminating in a genre ATM dubbed “Organic Techno.”