Ernesto Neto, a distinguished Brazilian artist, showcased his work at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The exhibition’s promotion was led by J. Walter Thompson (JWT), one of the most renowned marketing communications brands globally. As part of the advertising campaign for Ernesto’s exhibition, JWT collaborated with Ain TheMachine to design a live show.




A key portion of Ernesto Neto’s exhibition was inspired by the vibrant street life of Rio de Janeiro, exemplified by vendors selling candies on buses. Drawing on this inspiration, Ain TheMachine developed a concept for a live show to be performed inside Bilbao’s urban buses. This innovative approach aimed to directly engage passengers and involve them in the music-making process, mirroring the interactive essence of Neto’s work.



Given Ernesto Neto’s Brazilian heritage and the profound influence of Brazilian culture on his art, the music for the live show was deeply rooted in Brazilian musical traditions. This ensured that the live performance not only entertained but also authentically represented the spirit of Neto’s exhibition and Brazilian culture.



Guggenheim Museum, JWT

Live Experiences

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