A blend of performance and interactive audiovisual installation, the Ain TheMachine Games format elevates audience participation to an exhilarating new level. Demonstrating the universality of music, Ain TheMachine transforms audiences into active contributors in a one-of-a-kind audiovisual performance.



Leveraging technology, Ain TheMachine (ATM) turns everyday objects and human movements into audiovisual controllers. ATM is skilled in crafting live shows with either his original content or completely customized performances that align with the theme and objectives of your brand or event. From the visuals to the instruments created from everyday objects, ATM provides audiences with a fully tailored, interactive experience that amplifies the message of your event. The Ain TheMachine Games format stands out as a truly interactive audiovisual performance, offering a unique way to engage your audience with your brand message.



ATM either compose an original song or creates a fully customized piece to resonate with the specific topics and goals of your brand or event.


Live Experiences