At Fintech Week Hamburg, key players from the fintech and banking sectors convened for a week to discuss trends and future concepts in Fintech. The event featured classic conferences and networking breakfasts where participants could delve deeper into topics, seek solutions, and establish contacts. In 2016, Hamburg hosted the first Fintech Week from October 10th to 14th, drawing over 1,000 visitors and transforming the city into an industry hotspot.



For this video-song, Ain TheMachine creatively played on the name of the event, transforming “FinTech” into “FinTechno”. Embracing this concept, Ain TheMachine recorded sounds from the event and encouraged participants to replicate distinctive Techno music sounds.



With the Techno concept established, the task was straightforward: create a FinTechno track using the sounds collected from the event and its participants.


FinTech Week Hamburg


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