Escuelas Creativas is an initiative of Fundación Telefónica and Ferran Adrià (one the world’s best chef) with the goal of applying the methodology developed by the chef in his famous restaurant “elBulli” in the education scope to transform the way of learning and teaching through creativity.

17 primary schools from all Spain were selected to participate in the program and apply the methodology to their centers. They had to develop a project applying the methodology and the 3 best projects received a prize.

For the awards event, Fundacion Telefonica searched a live act in tune with the project, original, innovative and creative, Ain TheMachine and the Musica Biotronica suited perfectly to their need.


In order to achieve the goal of entertaining the audience and deliver the message of the project, ATM proposed to do an opening and closing live show for the awards event.
For the opening, ATM proposed to transform Ferran Adrià into a virtual host of the event, by recording him in video and using the footage as musical instruments.



The song is a neutral groove mid-tempo, no major or minor chords, design to create a nondefined atmosphere, a perfect harmony for an opening, preparing people for what would come after.





Fundacion Telefonica

Custom Made