Escuelas Creativas is an innovative initiative launched by Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Ferran Adrià, one of the world’s most renowned chefs. The primary aim of this initiative is to apply the creative methodology developed by Ferran Adrià during his tenure at the famous restaurant “elBulli” to the realm of education. By doing so, the project seeks to revolutionize the methods of both learning and teaching by placing a strong emphasis on creativity.

Seventeen primary schools spanning the entirety of Spain were carefully chosen to participate in this program. Each of these schools was tasked with the challenge of implementing Ferran Adrià’s innovative methodology within their educational institutions. Their mission was to develop and execute projects that applied this creative approach, with the promise of recognition for the top three projects.

For the awards event organized by Fundación Telefónica to celebrate and honor the achievements of these schools, there was a need for a live act that resonated with the essence of the Escuelas Creativas initiative. The act had to be original, innovative, and creative, aligning seamlessly with the project’s vision. In this context, Ain TheMachine and his distinctive Musica Biotronica emerged as the perfect choice to fulfill these requirements.



To effectively engage and captivate the audience while effectively conveying the core message of the Escuelas Creativas initiative, ATM proposed a unique live performance concept. ATM suggested orchestrating both the opening and closing live shows for the awards event.

For the opening act, a groundbreaking approach was envisioned. It involved the transformation of Ferran Adrià into a virtual host for the event. This transformation was to be achieved through the recording of Ferran Adrià in video format, with the resulting footage serving as musical instruments in the live performance. This innovative fusion of visuals and music aimed to set an extraordinary tone for the event and establish a deep connection with the audience.


The musical composition created for the opening act was meticulously designed to achieve a specific ambiance. ATM crafted a neutral groove with a mid-tempo tempo, intentionally avoiding the use of major or minor chords. This deliberate musical choice aimed to create an atmosphere that was devoid of specific emotional connotations. The composition was intended to provide a harmonious yet undefined backdrop, perfectly suited for an opening act. Its purpose was to prepare and intrigue the audience, setting the stage for the subsequent events of the awards ceremony.





Fundacion Telefonica

KeyNote Beat, Live Experiences

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