ModDuo is a revolutionary stompbox that enables music creation with anything, even in the absence of traditional musical instruments. Ain TheMachine, as an endorser of ModDevices, attended MusikMesse in Frankfurt, the largest music fair in Europe, to present the new ModDuo.



Given that Musikmesse is the largest music fair in Europe, and ModDuo is a stompbox designed for music creation with any object, MOD and Ain TheMachine (ATM) decided to focus their message on envisioning a world without musical instruments. ATM engaged with participants, asking them to describe how they would make music in such a hypothetical world. The responses were amusing and contributed to an entertaining narrative.



The music created by ATM aimed to convey a cheerful feeling with an easily memorable melody, considering the noisy environment and the typically short attention span of people at the fair. The chorus “Do It in The Beat” was conceived reflecting ATM’s thoughts about how people might interact with the song: “it doesn’t matter what you gonna do, just do it in the beat!”.