Belonging to the Inditex Group, Pull&Bear boasts a presence in over 70 countries, supported by a network of more than 900 stores. The year is 2009, an era marked by the flourishing of blogs. With the aim of increasing traffic to their website, Pull&Bear sought art-related projects that had the potential for global impact and execution.



Aligned with this goal, Ain TheMachine developed the “Just Make Music” project. The concept was to compose a song with contributions from people worldwide, with the singular rule being “No musical instruments allowed; everything else is permissible.” For the launch of the “Pull&Bear World Project” campaign, electronic/folk band Crystal Fighters and Ain TheMachine shared the stage on Oxford Street, London.



The live show was unique, utilizing voices, bodily sounds, and everyday objects for music creation. In the video, the lead singer of Crystal Fighters can be seen praising Ain TheMachine’s musical approach.

Live Experiences