Founded in 1923, Conrad Electronic has been supplying thousands of different electronics and household technology products ever since, ranging from the smallest of electronic components to PCs by the world’s leading brands. With retail stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, online presence in Europe and 90 years of inspiration and innovation, Conrad turns technology into an experience.


Conrad engaged Ain TheMachine to prepare a custom-made live show for the opening of their flagship store in Berlin.
Based on the concept of “Client Journey” Ain TheMachine reproduced the path of a client through the new shop but with a Biotronica twist, as always, making music with everything he found on the way. This video is a piece made out of the audiovisual material recorded for the live show.



The idea of the song was to transmit the “cool” ambience created in the new shop, their main shop. For that ATM created a very smooth harmony, with a deep bassline and a catchy melody made out of the sound of the register machine.




Conrad Electronic

Custom Made