Conrad Electronic, established in 1923, has been a steadfast provider of a wide range of electronics and household technology products for nearly a century. Their offerings encompass everything from the tiniest electronic components to state-of-the-art PCs from leading global brands. With a retail presence spanning Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and a strong online presence throughout Europe, Conrad has accumulated 90 years of experience, inspiration, and innovation. Their mission is to transform technology into a captivating and enriching experience for all.


Conrad Electronic enlisted the creative talents of Ain TheMachine to craft a one-of-a-kind video invitation and live show to mark the grand opening of their flagship store in Berlin. Under the theme of “Client Journey,” Ain TheMachine embarked on a unique artistic endeavor. He aimed to recreate the journey of a customer navigating through the newly inaugurated store but with a musical twist. True to his signature style, Ain TheMachine set out to create music using unconventional instruments and objects he encountered along this hypothetical client’s path. The resulting video was used as an invitation to the opening party and also served as the audiovisual content for the live performance.



The musical composition conceived for this project was designed to convey the trendy and inviting ambiance that Conrad’s flagship store in Berlin exudes. The goal was to encapsulate the essence of this remarkable retail space. To achieve this, Ain TheMachine crafted a smooth harmony, enriched by a deep, resonating bassline. At the forefront of the composition was a catchy melody ingeniously crafted from the distinct sounds of a cash register machine. This captivating blend of elements was orchestrated to encapsulate the “cool” atmosphere permeating the store, making it an integral part of the unique client journey experience.




Conrad Electronic

Custom Made Video

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