LG Electronics, a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Seoul and a part of the LG Group, employs 82,000 people across 119 local subsidiaries worldwide. In February 2017, during the Mobile World Congress, LG Electronics unveiled its latest model, the LG G6. As part of its promotional campaign, LG Spain created a TV show, which was recorded entirely with the LG G6 Smartphone and aired on Cuatro TV, one of Spain’s leading commercial television channels.



In the TV show, Ain TheMachine handled the ‘Cocina Pop’ section, applying the AudioGastronomic Performances format to branding by blending gastronomy with music. Rather than working with traditional chefs, ATM invited special guests from a variety of disciplines, each suggesting recipes to be ‘musically cooked.



In this episode, we welcomed Mar Abad, a journalist and co-founder of Yorokobu, a popular Spanish magazine. She suggested cooking Pumpkin Potatoes. Mar expressed her love for soul music, so Ain TheMachine (ATM) decided to infuse the song with a soulful essence.


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