Wetaca, a Madrid-based company, specializes in providing healthy and diverse meals delivered once a week, promoting good eating habits. During the intense lockdown period caused by COVID-19, Wetaca experienced positive growth and impact on its business.


The concept for the video developed by Ain TheMachine was inspired by the “Cacerolada” protests, where people used cooking pans as a symbol. Wetaca wanted to explore the significance and presence of the cooking pan in our lives. Ain TheMachine proposed a video that traces the history of the cooking pan, showcasing its evolution alongside human civilization. Due to lockdown restrictions, Ain TheMachine had to create a full storyboard with detailed descriptions of every shot, including the action, objects, and decorations involved in the video. This allowed for the video to be produced without the need for physical shooting in Madrid.



The soundtrack for the video is a techno beat created using the TB 03 synth, incorporating drum sounds generated from body sounds and sounds captured in the video itself.



Custom Made Video