BSH Group, known for its Bosch/Siemens appliances, launched a unique campaign via its Human Resources department to boost employee engagement with their products. This campaign featured a web series spanning three episodes, with the final installment being particularly noteworthy. In this episode, Ain TheMachine celebrated for their unique musical performances, was given access to one of Europe’s largest appliance warehouses.



Ain TheMachine vividly brought the campaign’s theme, ‘Imagine what you can do with an appliance,’ to life. By using Bosch/Siemens appliances as musical instruments, they showcased the transformative power of creative and unconventional use, elevating these everyday items from mere tools to symbols of creativity and innovation, thereby deepening employee connection with the products.



The music setup was straightforward, involving only the body, voice, and BSH appliances. As the series embraced an overarching theme of suspense, ATM chose to compose a song that was somewhat mysterious yet upbeat with an electronic feel, complementing the sounds produced by the appliances.



Custom Made Video

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