BNP Paribas, a leading provider of banking and financial services in Europe, has a presence in 75 countries, including major international financial markets, and employs nearly 188,000 people. The bank is dedicated to collaborating with today’s most astute tech entrepreneurs to foster creativity and implement innovative solutions for real-life challenges, thereby simplifying their customers’ lives. To further these objectives, BNP Paribas organizes an annual International Hackathon held simultaneously in eight cities globally. The Berlin edition was managed by Betahaus, known for its pursuit of innovation, which led them to collaborate with Ain TheMachine to “Hack the Hackathon” and create an original video of the event.



Ain TheMachine’s (ATM) aim was to capture the relaxed yet professional atmosphere that BNP Paribas provides to startups participating in its hackathon. ATM recorded key sounds from the event environment and interacted with startups to gather their experiences. Collaboratively, mentors, startups, and investors contributed to creating the song in real time during the hackathon.



The music was composed with an uplifting tone to convey a sense of energy, action, and most importantly, fun.


BNP Paribas