Bilbao BBK Live is a prominent summer music festival situated in the mountains near Bilbao city. It stands as one of Spain’s largest music festivals and is a crucial stop on the European tour circuit for any band. The video in question was created as an AfterMovie, intended for sharing the day after the festival’s conclusion. This necessitated a tight turnaround, with only three days allocated for filming and editing to meet the deadline. Aiming for an AfterMovie that attendees would enthusiastically share, Bilbao BBK Live decided to engage Ain TheMachine for the challenge.




Guided by the brief “What makes Bilbao BBK Live special is its environment,” ATM focused on utilizing the festival’s surroundings as musical instruments, capturing various sounds of the event. Recognizing Bilbao City as one of the main sponsors, ATM creatively incorporated the city into the music by playing the Guggenheim Museum’s building and recording urban sounds. To ensure the video resonated with the audience, ATM made the festival attendees the protagonists, involving them in various activities like answering festival-related questions, playing with objects found at the festival, and engaging in singing and dancing.

The success of this approach was evident, as it garnered 10,000 more views than the previous year’s video.


Given the festival’s headline acts, Black Keys and Prodigy, ATM crafted a song inspired by these artists. The first part featured a strong rock guitar riff, while the second part embraced a deep bass line over a breakbeat, reminiscent of Prodigy’s style. Notably, no traditional musical instruments were used in the entire composition.


Bilbao BBK Live

Custom Made Video

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