Beam operates as the dedicated company builder within the German BEUMER Group (BG), a family-owned enterprise. The BEUMER Group holds a prominent international position in the realm of intralogistics systems, boasting a global workforce of 4,200 employees and an impressive annual sales figure of approximately EUR 770 million. Beam’s overarching mission is to attract exceptional founders, cultivating a community of innovators prepared to tackle the logistical challenges of tomorrow. Their objective is to incubate and launch three new companies annually.


Beam recognized the need for a compelling video that would resonate with its target audience: young yet seasoned entrepreneurs who are well-acquainted with the intricacies of innovation and unafraid of disrupting the status quo. To effectively communicate Beam’s mission, they enlisted the talents of filmmaker Lenny Leiter and Ain TheMachine, a dynamic combination for this creative endeavor. Leveraging humor and music, the video aimed to convey Beam’s core values and goals to potential founders.



The soundtrack accompanying the video was meticulously crafted from an array of sounds harvested within the facilities of the Beumer Group. Ain TheMachine ingeniously repurposed the auditory elements, utilizing the sounds associated with package logistics to create an engaging rhythm for the drums. He further integrated sounds derived from the factory environment to build the composition’s foundation. To complete the immersive auditory experience, Ain TheMachine lent his vocal talents to shape the harmonies and basslines. The result is a sonorous tapestry that seamlessly aligns with BEAM’s brand identity for this captivating video campaign.


Beumer Group

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