Beam is the company builder of the family-owned, German BEUMER Group (BG).
The BEUMER Group is an international leader in intralogistics systems with 4,200 employees worldwide and an annual sales of about EUR 770 million.
Beam goal is to attract outstanding founders to address the tomorrow’s logistics challenges creating 3 companies per year.


Beam needed a video to connect with their founders. The founder’s profile is young but experienced entrepreneurs, people who is familiar with innovation and fearless of disruption. The filmmaker Lenny Leiter and Ain TheMachine were the perfect choice for the job. To reach Beam goals they used humour and music to transmit the goals and values of Beam.



This soundtrack is made out of sounds collected in Beumer Group facilities. Ain TheMachine used the packages logistics sounds for the drums, sounds from the factory environment and his voice for the harmony and bass, creating an immersive soundtrack that fit BEAM’s brand for this video campaign.


Beumer Group

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