This is a campaign web serie made for the Human Resources department of BSH Group with the aim to improve the relationship the workers have with Bosch/Siemens products.

The serie has 3 episodes, this video is the final episode of the campaign.

Can you imagine how fun can be having one of the biggest appliances warehouses in Europe completely available for you to choose wherever you want  to make music?



The main goal of the campaign was to improve the relationship workers had with the products: “Imagine what you can do with an appliance””.

Based on this concept, Ain TheMachine developed a performance using all the appliances he could ,as musical instruments, giving a practical example of what can be done with an appliance if you use your imagination and change the way you look at it.



The setup was very clear for the music, just body, voice, and BSH appliances. As the whole serie was around the suspense, I decided to create this kind of obscure but upbeat song, with an electronic feel to better fit the sounds of the appliances.



Custom Made