Bilbao BBK Live is a summer music festival in a special environment, up in the mountains, nearby Bilbao city.

It’s one of the biggest music festivals in Spain and a very important location in the tour map for any band playing in Europe.

This video was made as an AfterMovie to be shared the day after the end of the festival. This gave only 3 days to shoot and edit to meet the deadline.

Bilbao BBK wanted an AfterMovie that the event attendees would share, which is why they chose the Video-Song format. And with 10,000 more views than the video from the year before, it looks like we hit that goal!




With the brief of “what makes Bilbao BBK lIve a special festival it’s its environment”, ATM decided to use the environment as musical instrument, recording the different sounds of the festival.

As Bilbao city is one of the main sponsors of the festival, ATM decided to make music with the city itself. This is why ATM played the Guggenheim Museum’s building and recorded the sounds of the city

As the organization wanted the attendees to share to the video, ATM decided to make them the protagonists of the video, by asking them questions related to the festival, making them play objects that could be found in the festival, singing and dancing.



As the festival had 2 big names, Black Keys and Prodigy, ATM decided to make the song inspired by them.

The first part has a strong rock guitar riff and the second part has a deep bass on top of the breakbeat, very Prodigy style.

Of course, no musical instrument was used in the whole song.


Bilbao BBK Live

Custom Made