Ableton AG is a German music software company that produces and distributes the production and performance program Ableton Live and a collection of related instruments and sample libraries, as well as their hardware controller Ableton Push.

Ableton Push 3 is an expressive instrument for music-making that lets you create and edit melodies, harmonies, beats, samples, and entire songs. As a standalone instrument, Push lets you stay focused on song creation in or out of the studio.


Ableton has created its first standalone hardware and, to showcase its features, enlisted Ain TheMachine to record a live performance outside the studio environment.



The music and video were recorded in Brazil, infusing them with a unique local flavor. Alongside multi-instrumentalist João Oliveira, Ain TheMachine creates a Brazilian chill lounge beat. Using Push3 for the drums, they incorporate various objects for percussion, with João adding Brazilian guitar and mandolin doing the main melody together with Push 3, which features the slide pads.



Custom Made Video

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